Jul 01 3:25 PM


Jul 01 3:25 PM
Jul 01 3:25 PM

Am I leading this situation at a ...

Social level ... what do my friends think / feel?
           Emotional level ... how do I feel at the moment?
           Ethical level ... what does my culture allow or encourage?
           Legal level ... what does the law allow or prohibit?
           Moral level ... what is right and what is wrong?
May 08 4:50 PM


May 08 4:50 PM
May 08 4:50 PM

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you just didn't seem to know which way to go?
I was at one of those points when I met with a friend of my father-in-law Joe Kimbel named Dr. Bob Walker, then owner of Christian Life magazine.
We had talked for a few minutes when he asked me this question, "Bobb, if you could do anything, if you had unlimited time, energy, and money - what would you do?"
What would I do? That one question instantly helped clarify my entire future.
Since that time I have added, "... if you knew you cannot fail ... and, if God said you were free to choose, what would you do?"
So, if you had unlimited time energy and money, you knew you couldn't fail and God told you you're free to choose, what would you do?
This is a question I have asked those seeking clear life direction hundreds of times over the past few decades and it always seems to help clarify the future.
I hope it works for you!

May 08 4:50 PM


May 08 4:50 PM
May 08 4:50 PM

very bright men and women
for someone to come and say,

"I'd like to give you permission
to think of a great idea, write a great book,
start a successful company!"

Don't wait.

your great idea, writing a book, starting a company
someone who has authority over you says,
"You can't!"

May 08 4:49 PM


May 08 4:49 PM
May 08 4:49 PM

of life's most welcomed questions
coming from a friend

What do you really think about _____________?
How do you really feel about _______________?

Ask them often
of your close friends;
just wait for them to ask them of

May 08 4:49 PM


May 08 4:49 PM
May 08 4:49 PM

The difference
between what you
expect and what you receive
can be very small
is always significant.

If you expect to receive $100.
get $99.
you are disappointed and angry.

If you expect to receive $100.
get $101.
you are happy and appreciative.

Always give
than expected
even if it is
one penny
one minute
one mile.

May 08 4:49 PM

VALUES - Yours

May 08 4:49 PM
May 08 4:49 PM

If an observer
is watching you ...

concluding what you value


by what you say you value


by what you actually do

what will they see you
actually value?

May 08 4:48 PM


May 08 4:48 PM
May 08 4:48 PM


Who ... is involved?
What ... are its benefits?
When ... is it important?
Where ... does it lead?
Why ... does it work?
How ... does it work?
How much ... will it cost?


May 08 4:48 PM


May 08 4:48 PM
May 08 4:48 PM

An opportunist
will take advantage of you
to get
what he / she wants.

An opportunity-oriented person
will work
with you
to see
seize an opportunity
that will help the entire team realize a
team dream!

May 08 4:48 PM

FAILURE - 10 Parts

May 08 4:48 PM
May 08 4:48 PM

you ever experience a major catastrophic failure
take the time
to divide the huge failure
into its 10 sub failures.

By analyzing the parts of the mega failure
you may find
one of the 10 pieces of the project succeeded well beyond expectations
has been overlooked in the process.

In the very center of a huge failure
look for
the successes
the lessons upon which you can build your future successes.

May 08 4:47 PM


May 08 4:47 PM
May 08 4:47 PM

An activity
is only work
when you would rather be doing something else.

Find something you
enjoy so much
you would do it even if you didn’t get paid!

Then do it so well
someone will pay you to do it.

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