Process Charting Checklist — Video

Key to transferability.

Do you feel your basic systems are streamlined, or do you feel there may be a piece or two missing in your most basic systems?

Process charting is what allowed the development of such complex things as moon rockets. This step-by-step process is the key to efficiency, effectiveness, transferability, evaluation, problem-solving, etc. But have you ever had a course in the art of process charting? This simple video helps you understand how to go about streamlining your basic systems to the point of maximum effectiveness and efficiency. This video would be a bargain at 100 times the price!

Price: $20.00

Speed Planning — Video

When you have one to three planning hours, not one to three days.

How loudly would you laugh if I told you in the next week you need to take time to develop a 10- to 40-page strategic plan for your team?

With the pace of deadlines today, it is very difficult to set aside any time for planning. Speed Planning is a way to develop a focused plan very quickly.

85% of effective leadership is three things:

  1. Direction — clear direction.
  2. Organization — the right team.
  3. Cash — enough money.

After 40 years of experience in the planning process, the Speed Planning video shows you how to create a high percentage of what your team actually needs in a strategic plan — in an hour or two!

Price: $20.00

Strategic Planning Arrow 24" X 36" Planning Sheet

Country Pines

Get the big picture of your plans on a single piece of paper. This single piece of paper has been used by successful organizations to see where they want to be and how they can get there!

50% bulk discount for purchasing 10 copies.

Price: $10.00

Strategic Planning — Book

Country Pines

Step-by-step planning process.

Simple “how-to’s” for creating a business plan. Author Bobb Biehl offers his years of experience and success in business with step-by-step instructions for strategic planning.

Price: $25.00

Strategic Planning — Worksheets — 20 (11

Country Pines

Bobb Biehl’s strategic planning worksheet allows you and your staff to ask basic questions and get your major project on track before it even begins. Thorough planning saves time and money, and this worksheet is an invaluable tool to get prepared for success.

Helps your staff think through every major project before they bring it to you, doubling your delegating confidence — and their planning confidence!
  • Formerly titled “Masterplanning Strategy Worksheet.”
  • One worksheet helps you systematically think through the basics of any major project.
  • Saves you hours in assigning staff projects.
The Strategic Planning Worksheet offers a practical, step-by-step process for quickly thinking through a solid success strategy for each of your priorities.
Price: $20.00

The Personal Development Toolkit

Country Pines

The Personal Development Toolkit Includes:

  • Why You Do What You Do Book
  • 4th Grade(r) Book


Price: $119.00

Vital Signs and Critical Standards — Video

Keeping your organization healthy.

Is your team training healthy for the next decade or is it in trouble?

The Vital Signs and Critical Standards video helps you know exactly what to report to your board each year. You can tell them at a board senior-executive level if your organization is healthy, if they should be concerned, or if the organization is in real trouble! In one half day, from existing data you’re already tracking, a first-year accountant can create charts that help you get a profoundly simple report. 

Price: $20.00

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