Annual Balance Calendar - Video Download

Balancing your life … personal/professional  

Is your life in balance today?

Once you can find the keys to establishing the major priorities in your life you’ll find it much easier to find and keep your life in balance. Once your life is in balance you have a clear context for daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly balance.  This one simple video helps you find and keep far more balance in all areas of your life!

Price: $20.00

Bucket List/I Want Chart - Video Download

Focusing your future … Keeping it in focus!

What is really important to you in life, what is on your bucket list?

What are the few things you really want to get done sometime before you die?  These few things give you a big picture of what you would to accomplish.  These are the things that are on your “bucket list”! This one video helps you create your personal “bucket list” in a very short period of time.  This one simple exercise gives you a crystal-clear look at what you’d really like your life to be, do, have, help, and leave – at the end of your life!

Price: $20.00

Fourth Grade - Video Download

Understanding … Life’s turning point

Bobb Biehl explains how age 9 is the most shaping year of a person’s life. In this video, Bobb lectures on 10 comfort zones established in the fourth grade. Perfect if you have a fourth grader in your life.

Price: $20.00

Why You Do What You Do - Book


Understanding yourself and others

This book is a result of more than 40,000 hours of behind-the-defenses experiences with some of the finest, emotionally healthy leaders of our generation. This model was developed to maximize “healthy” people with a few emotional “mysteries” still unanswered.

Price: $20.00

Your North Star - Video Download

Focusing your life ... Keeping it life focused!

Do you have a crystal-clear sense of direction in life?

Do you have a clear understanding of where you are going and why you are going there?

The North Star helps you quickly develop a crystal clear life direction.  Your North Star is not a destination.  The North Star helps you establish a profound sense of life direction. Nothing is meaningful without a context.  Your North Star is the context for all of your life.  This context helps you establish the appropriate meaning for everything you do.

Price: $20.00

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