Boardroom Confidence — Book

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First Board or 10th Board.

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If you are considering serving on a board, are already on a board, or are leading a board, Boardroom Confidence is a valuable and proven tool to help you and your board serve more effectively—with confidence!

Price: $20.00

Firing Star — Video

Firing a team member — in a “Christian way.”

Are you in the position of needing to fire a loyal staff person on your team?

The Firing Star helps you release a staff person in a very humane way. It is rarely an easy process to release a person, regardless of the situation. No one likes to hear they’re being released from responsibility. But the way in which they are released makes a huge difference. The Firing Star helps you release a person in the way you would want to be released!

Price: $20.00

Opportunity-Spotting Questions — Video

Opportunity – key to explosive growth!

How many opportunities are you overlooking right in front of you today?

The Opportunity-Spotting Questions video can help the least likely person on your team spot a great idea your entire team is overlooking today. Would you find it wiser to invest your hard-earned money in:

  1. A brand new idea no one has ever tried?
  2. Or a proven opportunity hidden somewhere in your current programs?

This is a shockingly simple series of questions that can help you spot high potential opportunities everyone on your team — including you — is overlooking!

Price: $20.00

Stop Setting Goals — Book

Country Pines

If you prefer solving problems!

Setting goals does not necessarily equal success, and in fact could very well demotivate people. Find out how to lead and grow your organization by solving problems instead.

Price: $20.00

Team Profile — Self-Scoring Inventory

Country Pines

Getting “round pegs in round holes.”

Help your team define what they really want to do. Doing what you love is the key to fulfillment and is key to a successful organization.

50% bulk discount for purchasing 10 copies.

Price: $10.00

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