May 08 4:50 PM


May 08 4:50 PM
May 08 4:50 PM

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you just didn't seem to know which way to go?
I was at one of those points when I met with a friend of my father-in-law Joe Kimbel named Dr. Bob Walker, then owner of Christian Life magazine.
We had talked for a few minutes when he asked me this question, "Bobb, if you could do anything, if you had unlimited time, energy, and money - what would you do?"
What would I do? That one question instantly helped clarify my entire future.
Since that time I have added, "... if you knew you cannot fail ... and, if God said you were free to choose, what would you do?"
So, if you had unlimited time energy and money, you knew you couldn't fail and God told you you're free to choose, what would you do?
This is a question I have asked those seeking clear life direction hundreds of times over the past few decades and it always seems to help clarify the future.
I hope it works for you!


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