Strategic Planning Work Sheets - 20 (11 X 17) sheets

Country Pines

Bobb Biehl’s strategic planning worksheet allows you and your staff to ask basic questions and get your major project on track before it even begins. Thorough planning saves time and money, and this worksheet is an invaluable tool to get prepared for success.


Helps your staff think through every major project BEFORE they bring it to you – doubling your delegating confidence – and, their planning confidence!
  • Formerly titled – “Masterplanning Strategy Work Sheet”
  • One work sheet helps you systematically think through the basics of any major project
  • Saves you hours in assigning staff projects
The Strategic Planning Work Sheet gives you a practical step-by-step work sheet to help you quickly think through a solid success strategy for each of your / your team’s priorities.

Price: $20.00

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